Superior Online Presence and a Sound Social Strategy:

Prescription for Success at GreenLagoon Falls & Park Lodge

The Property

GreenLagoon Falls & Park Lodge can be found in the paradise of the Cerro Chato mountaintop, complete with breathtaking views and natural springs. An authentic, sustainable resort amidst luxury accommodations and dining, GreenLagoon offers an enchanting destination, where vacationers can explore the beauty of Costa Rica, take on once in a lifetime adventures, and soak in an extensive education on wellness and eco-sustainability.

Our Merchandising Hero 

Henry Villegas, Founder, President and CEO, has many years of experience in wellness, natural medicine, sustainable properties and hotel development.  With such a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the hotel industry, he qualifies as VFM Leonardo’s newest merchandising hero!

The Strategy

With the Internet being their primary marketing tool, Green Lagoon’s team utilizes as many online channels as possible including OTAs, and focuses on breakthrough strategies such as using Facebook to increase traffic and drive bookings. Villegas puts it simply “Before we subscribed to VBrochure, we needed what we found in VBrochure”.

The VBrochure Difference

Villegas and his team recognized VBrochure as a single tool that could help simply and effectively achieve their goal of reaching travel shoppers with a compelling and engaging story using consistent, high quality video & rich media across the internet on the channels consumers use to shop for travel.  As they saw it, their main challenge was to keep their story as simple as possible, for prospective customers to understand and yet to allow the full story to unfold as customers engage with their media in the VBrochure multi-media player.

“VBrochure emerged to our eyes as the tool par excellence allowing us to convey the amazing and irresistible beauty of our resort, and capable of reaching an unmatched number of online channels. We felt it was a great tool that we could use to reach travel shoppers without overwhelming them with information or media.”

What VBrochure does for Villegas and his team is to manage all of the photos, virtual tours and video, organizing them into interactive multi-media players and syndicating those to websites in the VNetwork, an extensive network of travel sites and OTAs.  In addition, one of VBrochure’s features, the Facebook Apps Suite provides them with easy to implement apps that incorporate the same rich media driven story into their Facebook page, helping to tell the story and providing direct links to GreenLagoon’s booking engine. VBrochure also allows Villegas to target customer groups—such as eco-tourists and wellness-seekers—by customizing VBrochure players with information that most appeals to each group.

The property’s focus on visual merchandising is understandable when you explore the stunning terrain of GreenLagoon Falls Park and Lodge.  Villegas believes a picture really is worth a thousand words when the story is told through VBrochure.

“VBrochure is here in lieu of the old fashion and expensive “billboards” on the roads and instead, we are now using VBrochure to break through and head the cyber highways much more powerfully and effectively. As a result we are amazed, watching how our hotel is being noticed by thousand, how many new friends we have now, as well as how many locals are visiting our property now than we did in the past. In the six months since Villegas and his team have implemented VBrochure, he says the results have spoken for themselves”.

“Within a few weeks during the past high season we have seen an increase in bookings… In the past quarter of 2012 we had a 40% increase in bookings and quadrupled our EcoAdventures Expedition sales. We attribute the increase bookings to VBrochure and its VNetwork.”

Villegas says the results extend to their use of VBrochure’s Facebook Apps.  Facebook is a particularly important venue for their marketing strategy, enabling them to reach a much wider audience in a very conversational way.

 “The added campaigns in Facebook helps us reach more and more people, attracts “friends”, and gets others talking about us, along with “likes” and clicks.  The interesting fact is that the VBrochure app seems to be a favorite within our Facebook page.”

Throwing themselves into the heart of online marketing has given GreenLagoon the wisdom to know what works. Villegas offers his words of advice from his own success.

 “Use every tool out there – it’s always worth taking the extra step.”

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