Superstar Storyteller: Best Western Leisure Inn

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared.  Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

You’ve probably heard the saying, the truth of the story lies in the details.  When it comes to the Best Western Leisure Inn, they make sure that no detail is forgotten.  This unique hotel, located in Lakewood, New Jersey, doesn’t just share a limited portion of their story.  Instead, they have created a tale that begins at ‘once upon a time’ and takes guests all the way to ‘happily ever after.’  By utilizing VFM Leonardo’s Facebook Apps Suite, a mobile optimized website and an eye catching web gallery on their site, they are able to share a full-circle story with travel shoppers.

Best Western Leisure Inn has maximized their use of VBrochure by displaying relevant photo galleries that travel shoppers can easily navigate.  Additionally, by fully grasping and embracing the concept of rich media by showcasing their property with interactive virtual tours, they are creating an engaging platform for their guests to view the hotel.

best western web gallery

As more travel shoppers are using their mobile devices to surf hotel websites, the Best Western Leisure Inn has become fully mobile optimized to better serve their website visitors.  Optimization means that they have created a website that displays properly on a mobile screen, making it much easier for guests to browse their property.  Mobile users can take a tour of the property, book or use click-to-call functionality to get in touch with the hotel.

bw_leisureInn (1)

The Best Western Leisure Inn has made their presence known on social media.  They’ve set their hotel up by customizing their Facebook App to generate more traction and engagement online.  Facebook users can take a virtual tour, and even book directly through the hotel’s page!

best western fb

The Best Western Leisure Inn has created a story that leaves no stone unturned.  Creating a large presence online travel shoppers can easily follow their complete story, making the Best Western Leisure Inn a true Superstar Storyteller!

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