Superstar Storyteller: Caribbean Motel

Hotel marketing was different in the 50’s. Without the internet, amplifying a story was no easy task for hotel marketers! But in today’s internet age, travel shoppers are constantly using the web to find new experiences and travel ideas. Hotels need to be telling their story online. The Caribbean Motel in New Jersey may be offering 1950’s inspired style, but they are Superstar Storytellers in their use of today’s technology!

The Caribbean Motel is a historical 1950’s style property with modern remodeled guest rooms and suites. Established in 1957, this outta sight property remains true to its roots, sharing their history to differentiate themselves from other hotel properties. Their VBrochure Media Player, is vibrant and filled with completely customized information. The design matches their property branding and furthers the 50’s vibe that makes them unique. Through the use of customized tabs, travel shoppers can adequately see video tours, photos, and learn about local attractions. Consumers easily grasp the whole story of the Caribbean Motel and instantly feel like jiving!

Their mobile website furthers the story. Users are taken on a tour of the property, can book a stay, study up on information, and even share the experience with their friends. The mobile tour displays plenty of colorful photos that liven up the experience.

Caribbean Hotel
Being a unique property is definitely an advantage, but without the proper visual storytelling, that unique experience is squandered! The Caribbean Motel has done a fantastic job of telling their story online through the VBrochure and mobile optimized experiences.

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