Tablets are Taking Over [Infographic]

It’s no secret that the use of mobile devices is quickly rising in online shopping, but in particular tablets are the type to watch out for. This infographic by Monetate is full of interesting findings specifically regarding tablets and their impact on online trends.

Some intriguing points to take away:

-> iPad sales alone are expected to rise 132 per cent by 2016

-> The number of websites visits via tablets has grown substantially since 2011

-> Areas around the house are the main places online shoppers use their tablets

Couch Commerce: How Tablet Shoppers are Changing Online SalesMonetate Marketing Infographics//

Between tablets being the latest source for internet surfing and predictions suggesting their sales are about to skyrocket, tablet optimization is something that all marketers should be focusing on. Here are some pointers to creating an enjoyable tablet optimized website:
-> Incorporate finger-friendly buttons and swiping capabilities
-> Consider the screen size and adapt to those dimensions
-> Keep it visually appealing and simple

For mobile information about tablet optimization, download our guide: Tapping into Tablet: How Hotels Can Optimize their Web Prescence

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