Tablets Trump Smartphones for Shopping and Buying

This article by Econsultancy covers a recent study that confirms yet again that mobile is changing consumer behavior. Conducted by Screen Pages, a company that builds e-commerce websites, they studied mobile usage on their client’s e-commerce websites and share some interesting findings on mobile usage.

 Their research found…

-> Mobile now accounts for 20.8% of visits to Screen Pages clients’ websites

-> Mobile traffic overall (smartphone and tablet) has doubled in the past nine months

Meanwhile, a separate Greystripe survey shows that 73% of iPad users and 70% of smartphone users find mobile devices useful when planning and researching travel.

What we can take from these findings is that hotel shoppers are accessing your hotel’s website from mobile devices. Are you greeting them with a mobile-optimized experience?

Smartphone and tablet user behavior is not the same

A generic, one-size-fits-all mobile website doesn’t cut it. There are two key differences between tablet and smartphone users:

-> Tablet users now account for a larger portion of mobile visits (54.9% iPad vs. 29.6% iPhone)

-> Tablets convert at a higher rate (3% iPad vs. 1% iPhone, compared to 2.88% for desktop users)

While it is clear that more shoppers are using tablets and they convert at a higher rate, these stats should not be misinterpreted to say that smartphones are an ineffective way to reach consumers. The smaller conversion rate for iPhone may represent the small portion of businesses that have taken the step to optimize their website for smartphones.

Websites today need to detect the visitor’s device (smartphone or tablet) and present them with a site that is optimized specifically for it. Navigating a non-optimized (desktop) website on the large screen of a tablet is doable, while it is nearly impossible on a smartphone.

With mobile shopping and booking numbers on the rise, optimizing your hotel website will definitely pay off.  For greater insight into optimizing for tablet, download our whitepaper:
Tapping into Tablet: How Hotels Can Optimize their Web Presence

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