Targeting Part 3 of 4: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide from citizenM

Last month, we focused on content marketing and using it to build a relationship with guests. Drawing from our own expertise as well as several industry experts, we examined the importance of identifying your hotel’s story and creating content that consistently engages travel shoppers on multiple platforms.

To summarize, the goal of content marketing is to establish your brand’s identity and convey the experience you can offer to potential guests. The best hotels are easy to recognize and their message is always clear.

Once you’ve identified your hotel’s story, the right platforms to use and the best visuals to showcase your property, what’s next? Hotel marketers must determine what kind of guest to target and how to market to their specific needs.

That’s where targeting comes in. Defined as the essential step in the development of a marketing plan, targeting is critical within today’s travel landscape.

To better understand targeting and how hoteliers can tailor content for specific travel shoppers, we spoke to Lennert de Jong, Commercial Director for citizenM Hotels. An expert at catching the attention of guests, de Jong shared his best practices for driving direct bookings. By following these three easy steps, hotel marketers can learn how to define their audience and personalize their marketing strategy just like citizenM.

Step 1: Why You Should Stop Targeting Everybody and Start Targeting Somebody
The right message will attract the right guests. Does your hotel have a corporate lounge with large meeting spaces? Then you might want to target business travelers. Is your hotel located near an amusement park? Then families traveling with young children may be your key demographic. Any content your hotel shares should be relevant and specific – and you don’t need to target everybody.

Step 2: Why Targeting Gives You an Edge Over OTAs
OTAs may dominate travel searches, but their marketing can’t speak to everyone. Personalize your content to reflect the individuality of every travel shopper so they want to book directly.

Step 3: How to Use Content to Find Out Everything You Want to Know About Your Guest
Content marketing should be valuable and address the needs of your travel shoppers. Build a relationship with your guests by learning about their needs, interests and reason for travel, and then create content targeted to them.

This is the third in a series of four blog posts about targeting the desired hotel customer segments.

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