Targeting Part 4 of 4: How to Effectively Target Your Ideal Guest

‘To Whom It May Concern’ is arguably one of the most off-putting phrases you can use when addressing someone.

It’s a generic overview that lacks any form of research or consideration as to whom you are addressing. If you aren’t targeting your guests with personalized and relevant content, then that is exactly how you sound to them.

Smart digital marketers don’t just cast a massive net out onto the vast ocean of consumers and see what they pull in. They personalize their content in such a way that they break down the psychographics of their audience to a precise science and an art form. What are their interests and hobbies? What is their behavior and lifestyles? What are their values and personality traits?

Consider what some of the big players have done in terms of targeting their audience. Red Bull has broken new grounds in terms of content designed for their action seeking, adventure crowd. Or how Nike has built an empire targeting the motivated and active individual seeking to improve the quality of their life. To effectively compete with some of the hotel goliaths, targeting a niche market will help you grab a larger piece of the travel shopper’s pie. Marriott’s new Travel Brilliantly content marketing campaign showcases their new guest rooms with the digitally obsessed Millennial in mind and have created a healthy vending machine for the wellness traveler.

This guide breaks down nine different variations of travelers, who they are, what they’re looking for and why they are so important to your hotel. It will coach you to tell the right story to the right people and will help realign your story to create better content tailored to each demographic you’d like to target.

In an increasingly competitive travel market, hoteliers can use as many tools in their arsenal as possible. Our latest guide: Everything You Need to Know About Targeting Your Ideal Guest will better equip your digital marketing strategy so the net you’re casting out is more focused and knows what it’s going after.

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