The Epicurean Hotel: Satisfying the Social Community Appetite

The Epicurean Hotel is a member of the Marriott Autograph Collection of hotels, targeting “Discoverers.” Classified as a “Culinary Delight” themed property, the Epicurean lets guests celebrate all the flavors of life with award-winning restaurants, bars, and unique amenities. They wanted to use social media tools to engage with potential customers and showcase these award-winning amenities.

Our Merchandising Hero

Brandon Marshall came to the Epicurean Hotel with a wealth of education and experience under his belt. He completed a degree in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University and a Masters in Hospitality Education before working for prestigious organizations including Harvard University and Marriott International.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Epicurean, Brandon provides invaluable expertise in all aspects of the hotel’s sales and marketing strategy. He understands that Social Media has “changed the game” for hoteliers, allowing them to gain more information about potential customers and making it necessary to engage travel shoppers through multiple channels.

Brandon Marshall“The goal of our property is to be active in all facets of Social Media, and to encourage customer interaction wherever possible.”

Brandon Marshall
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Epicurean Hotel

The Challenge

Brandon had two challenges when it came to Facebook: namely, the inability to control the user generated content (specifically photos) that gets posted, and the lack of a call to action for visitors to their page. He was looking for a way to drive hotel bookings directly from Facebook.

The Epicurean Hotel

The Solution: VBrochure and its Social Features

Leonardo’s Social Media Marketing Solution allowed Brandon to address these challenges. The VBrochure Facebook Apps allow the property to control and showcase their compelling media in an easy to navigate way that effectively tells their unique story. Additionally, the booking widget on each app leads visitors down the booking path and is fully integrated with the chain’s booking engine – providing a seamless experience for travel shoppers.

Seeing Results

The Epicurean Hotel garnered over 2,400 photo views on their Hotel Details App six months after its installation, representing more than half of the amount of “likes” that the Facebook page has received. Brandon explains that “having a food and beverage themed property like the Epicurean makes it easy to always post original content on social media. We use Leonardo’s platform to control the photos that get posted on our page, which has resulted in a boost in click-through traffic.”

Using the VBrochure Facebook Apps has helped the Epicurean Hotel drive more bookings from page visitors. Brandon credits the booking widget that accompanies each application as the foremost reason for his decision to use Leonardo’s social media marketing tools.

The Epicurean Hotel

A Hero of Hotel Marketing

Every hotel is unique, but the need for hoteliers to connect with travel shoppers through social media is universal.

The Epicurean Hotel faced the challenges of engaging with travel shoppers on social media, streamlining the content that they wanted travel shoppers to see, and helping guests book directly from their hotel Facebook page. Using Leonardo’s Social Media Marketing Solution, they have been able to bring on the bookings and make their mark with multi-media.


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