The Hotel Marketer’s Playbook For a High-Converting Website: A Summary of our NEW eBook

In our brand new eBook, The Hotel Marketer’s Playbook for Creating, Managing and Measuring a High-Converting Website, we cover all the essentials a hotel marketer needs to build a great hotel website that drives customers to click “Book Now.”

The first thing we cover is the difference between “Usability” versus “User Experience.” While this might seem like techno-babble, keeping your content focused on your user is essential. Usability is defined as how easy it is to perform tasks on your website that you customers want to perform. This could be anything from smooth, quickly loading images to having an intuitively placed “Book Now” button. User Experience (or “UX” as the pros say) is all about how the user feels on the website. Does your website inspire their imagination to think about their upcoming vacation? Or are they so bogged down in convoluted, wordy text that they lose interest and move on? If it’s the latter, how do you reduce the clutter and keep your customers engaged?

Next, we discuss the benefits of “Social Proof” in helping drive conversions. “Social Proof” could include what people are saying about you on social media channels, or it could be your reviews on review sites like TripAdvisor and OTAs. Shoppers are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with good reviews, and 76% of travelers are willing to pay more for a hotel with better reviews, so gaining social proof is really worthwhile for an hotelier.

Good ways to influence how you are perceived to travel shoppers is to show off your reviews, awards and certificates on your website. Show off the fact that other travellers and industry associations think you’re great and are willing to endorse you.

Our eBook also examines how to streamline your check-out system to reduce booking abandon rates on your website. Making it easier for customers to commit to booking with you will increase your website’s profitability, and likely improve your website’s usability and user experience. Don’t forget, if they’ve made it to your booking engine, they’re as willing to buy from you as you are to sell to them. Don’t let your website get in the way.

We also explain various performance metrics essential to understanding your website’s success. If you don’t know what numbers matter, how do you know if you’re truly succeeding? We’ve included some industry benchmarks for you too, to help gauge if you’re website is performing in line with other hotels.

Lastly, we explain the benefits of template driven websites over custom made websites. In essence, between the ease of use for the hotelier, the cost savings, the performance advantages and new cutting edge technology that makes templates more adaptable, long gone are the days when hoteliers need to hire expensive firms to custom build their website to see only marginal returns.

Download our free eBook for all the details on how to start making your website work for you.

The Hotel Marketer’s Playbook For A High-Converting Website: A Summary Of Our NEW EBook

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