The Power of Storytelling

We recently hosted a webinar about the power of storytelling. Our speakers shared some amazing advice that I wanted to pass on to you.

Lisa Horvat of Strategic Storytellers recommends “Make sure your website and travel websites show off your hotel and tell your unique story.”

Adele Gutman of HK Hotels suggests “Ensure that everything that is written or displayed about your hotel is consistently contributing to your story!”

One of our customers, Michael Von Teichman has taken this advice to heart. He is the General Manager and Owner of the Walper Hotel. His commitment to communicating a rich online story about his hotel has helped The Walper Hotel boost website traffic by 25%. And that makes Michael one of our Merchandising Heroes!

Learn what Michael and the team at The Walper Hotel have done to engage travel shoppers with their compelling hotel story.

Read their VBrochure Success Story »

Happy Merchandising!

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