The VBrochure Difference: Rupesh Patel of Central Valley Hotels Explains

During our Boost Bookings webinar event last Thursday, I was joined by Rupesh Patel, Owner of Central Valley Hotels and Holiday Inn Express & Suites Modesto. Rupesh did an excellent job showcasing his use of VBrochure and how his hotel benefits from it.

Here are some snippets from the story he shared with us.

Prior to launching VBrochure, Central Valley Hotels struggled with getting their hotels noticed by some accounts. When Rupesh first learned about VBrochure, he saw it as an opportunity to showcase his hotel and make it stand out through pictures, 360 degree tours, and videos, along with descriptions.

Once he go up-and-running with VBrochure, he blasted an email out to prospects inviting them to check out the VPowered Multi-Media Player. After that,  the opportunities became endless. Almost every single person he sent it to said ‘WOW’.

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Modesto is now presented in a unique and different way that provides guests with the confidence they need to book.. VBrochure has given Rupesh the power to showcase his hotel in a way that makes it tough for accounts and travel shoppers to turn him down.

The most significant part of it is that account decision makers not only sign the contract with the hotel, but they feel that higher rates ($10-$20 higher) per night are justified due to everything they see. They don’t question what they will get from the hotel.

“Not all hotels do things like this. When travel management companies see that your hotel is using VBrochure, they see that you are innovators and you like to stay up to date with technology and make sure you provide guests with anything you can – which will justify the higher rate,” shared Rupesh.

Rupesh suggests that VBrochure makes a huge difference in the hotel marketing industry and that hoteliers should even take it one step further and take advantage of VFM Leonardo’s VPowered Mobile Website.
The end result will be a great online reputation. Having rich media will give hotel shoppers the confidence that they are going to get even better service or amenities due to the efforts put in online.
If you are interested to learn how VBrochure can help you better merchandise your hotel online, join us for one of our monthly webinars:

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