The Walper Hotel Shows “What’s Old is New Again” by Creating a Fresh Perspective Online!

This is Michael Von Teichman. He’s the General Manager and Owner of the Walper Hotel and a VBrochure Ultra Premium customer. His commitment to communicating a rich online story about his hotel has helped boost the hotel’s website traffic by 25%. And that makes Michael one of our MERCHANDISING HEROES! Congrats Michael!

Here is his story.

It doesn’t take long to realize why the Walper Hotel is a special place. Built in 1893, the property exudes historical elegance. For nearly 120 years, guests from Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Queen Mother to Sarah McLachlan and Lady Gaga have enjoyed these rich architectural details.  William Lyon Mackenzie, Canada’s tenth Prime Minister, made this stately hotel his home for many years.  Al Capone frequented the bar.   Most Canadian Prime Ministers have dined there.  The property boasts both a barber shop and tobacconist, dating back to the turn of the century.  In a world of modernism, this is truly a place where old school charm prevails.

Michael Von Teichman is the General Manager and Owner of the hotel and began renovations on the property in 2011.  Von Teichman’s expertise within the industry began 10 years ago in various management roles for InterContinental, and The Cumberland Hotel, before acquiring The Walper.

Von Teichman is in the unique position of being a young hotel owner who already understands that digital media and online marketing is an increasingly important part of garnering sales.


Von Teichman’s biggest hurdle was to put The Walper Hotel back into the forefront of the minds of customers; to recreate the prominence it enjoyed in earlier days.  He knew that his most effective strategy was to use digital media and visuals to communicate to guests the history and uniqueness of the hotel. VBrochure was the perfect solution to reach consumers and help him tell his hotel’s story.

“The Walper Hotel is an interesting older building with lots of character and rich history. The only way to convey that is by letting people feel and experience the hotel by showing them – allowing them to be there without actually being there” says Von Teichman. Their customized VBrochure Player with rich visuals and text allowed them to achieve this. “And VBrochure allows us to get our message out to a wide array of channels that we wouldn’t have been able to reach on our own. When travel shoppers are searching for the perfect hotel, we need to be everywhere they search”.

Von Teichman has used VBrochure as a way to highlight the features of his property that set them apart.  Along with conveying their luxurious accommodations and rich history through descriptive text and pictures, they take it one step further and use the application to feature the aspects that make this hotel truly one of a kind.

In keeping with the hotel’s strong connection to arts and culture, The Walper Hotel created a tab within their VBrochure Player which showcases the original art sold in their lobby, where they exhibit over a dozen emerging and noted Canadian artists, really showcasing the character of this hotel.

They’ve also dedicated a tab in their VBrochure Player to an important giving initiative, “The Walper Education Project” which they now share with potential guests. The initiative involves donating a dollar for every guest who stays at the hotel towards building an elementary school in a remote part of Uganda.

“We have about 25,000 guests a year and that’s what it costs to build a school – it’s a great way of setting ourselves apart from the competition and also it fulfills my desire to run a socially responsible business. VBrochure gives us a way of communicating this both visually and verbally”.


The VBrochure Difference

Von Teichman understands that his hotel’s story is what gives them a competitive edge. If we are just a listing on a page, that’s not effective on its own. With VBrochure travel shoppers can click on our Player and see that within these four walls there is a lot of history and character. Our story, that’s what really brings [the hotel] to life and helps differentiate us. The big hope out of VBrochure is expanding awareness…exposing the hotel to customers that wouldn’t otherwise know about us”.

It’s clear that this hotel owner really knows how to tell his hotel story – and the efforts are paying off!

Within six months, the online initiatives Von Teichman has employed have really helped increase the hotels exposure. “We’ve noticed a lot more bookings and our exposure is definitely better.  A lot more people have come in saying they’ve seen us online and looked at our video. VBrochure helps get people here and we need to keep them here”.

And the numbers speak for themselves. Just six months after implementing VBrochure The Walper hotel has seen a 25% increase in web traffic and a 30% increase in the time a visitor spends on their page.

In light of his success, we asked Von Teichman for a few words of wisdom he could share with his peers:
“Get your hotel’s story in front of as many people as you can on as many different channels.  Online marketing is an inexpensive way to get in front of travel shoppers. For a minimal investment, we can give customers a feeling and sense of arrival more than just a verbal description or a picture.  VBrochure is a unique and modern tool we have at our disposal”.

To learn how VBrochure™ can help you reinvent your hotels online presence –  and start you down the path to becoming a Merchandising Hero – book a web demo with one of our consultants  today!

– Jakellyne Morales & The Customer Success Team


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