The Top 10 Images Travel Shoppers Want to See

The future of digital marketing is visual storytelling, and if you aren’t telling a compelling visual story online, you’re starving consumers of the content they desire.

Guests aren’t just booking a room with you, they’re booking an experience, and they want to see what that experience looks like.

Leonardo data shows that 86% of visitors consume more than 10 images when they visit our media gallery, proving that travel shoppers crave images.  But not all images are equal, there is one type of visual that is viewed more than any other, and it’s probably not the one you’re using as your hero shot.

Top 10 Image Types For Hotel Marketers from Leonardo

Now that you know the number one most sought after photo is of guestrooms, it’s time to reconsider the way you’re displaying your hotel online. Room photos are actually viewed twice as often as restaurants, the second most viewed images.

Give travel shoppers what they’re looking for by showing them the unique experience your hotel has to offer. Reconsider the sequencing of your images online to ensure guest room visuals are front and center.

Your hotel’s narrative should erupt off the screen with vibrant visuals. Learn how to take it one step further by transforming your content into epic stories with our eBook: Get in the Know About SoMo: Unlock the Visual Storytelling Superpowers of Social Media and Mobile.

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