Travelers Want to See the Full Picture – Reviews & Visuals

“Travelers want to see the full picture of a property both on the reviews and the visual side, in fact they say, pictures can paint more than words in many cases,” shares Karen Plumb, Commercial Director, EMEA, TripAdvisor for Business in this new video interview about the importance of a combination of reviews and visual media… and the impact this has on increasing engagement with travel shoppers.

Recent TripAdvisor research proves that consumers are 150 times more engaged when a page has photos and/or video. Visuals keep consumers engaged and paint a picture for what they can expect to experience at the hotel.

Tips to Maximize the Visual Impact of Your Hotel Page on TripAdvisor teaches you how to enhance your e-commerce activity and extract more value out of your online presence by maximizing your TripAdvisor hotel page.

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