Trend: Mobile becoming first, traditional web second


As the growth of time being spent on non-mobile devices begins to slow down, businesses need to start leveraging the shift to mobile. To clarify, non-mobile devices include electronics such as desktops, laptops and TV’s with internet connections. Mobile devices include smartphones and tablets. eMarketer estimates that in 2012, time allocated to online grew by only 3.6% compared to a 7.7% growth in 2011. This is a clear decline which is partially due to saturation and the innovation of mobile.

The use of mobile devices is spreading like wild fire as more consumers are acquiring smartphones and tablets to access online content. The average time spent per day using mobile devices grew by 52% from 2011 to 2012, which amounted to a jump from 54 minutes to 82 minutes respectively per day.[1] Naturally it’s not only time spent on mobile devices that is increasing. According to ABI research, mobile transactions are also growing, with a 7.6% increase in the past year – an indication that consumers are becoming more comfortable with making mobile purchases.

Yet with the growth in time spent on mobile devices and growth in mobile transactions, it is surprising that 40% of hospitality professionals are allocating zero percent of their marketing budget to mobile. [2] Furthermore, Google’s latest research release which states that, 40% of mobile users that booked a room through a mobile website felt that their experience was hindered by poor user experience. Hotel managers are losing out on a great opportunity to capitalize on mobile trends which will lead them to increased guest satisfaction, loyalty and more bookings.

To have a successful digital media strategy, hotel marketers must ensure that mobile websites and apps are properly formatted for usability. The point that must be emphasized is that if hotel marketers want to be first in their market, they must acknowledge the shift from traditional web to mobile.

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