Visual Content Takes the World by Storm… And Drives Engagement!

If this title isn’t enough to compel you to add ‘improve visual storytelling’ to your hotel marketing to-do list for 2013, the following information taken from this infographic Visual Content Trumps Text in Driving Social Media Engagement most definitely will.

On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined.

People are not only drawn to videos, but they’re more likely to share them than they are text posts. It isn’t really surprising that people value rich media content. As stated below by Bob Lisbonne, CEO of Luminate, ‘we’ve now entered a phase in which visual communication is supplanting the written word. What some are calling the dawn of the imagesphere.’₁ Or perhaps we should say the ‘videosphere’ or ‘storysphere’ – videos tell much more compelling stories and that’s why they’re shared more often.

Hotels are full of stories, take advantage of this and start sharing yours through video. Don’t hesitate to take a unique approach like filming a video of a bartender demonstrating how to make the signature drinks served in your hotel’s lobby bar, or your concierge giving a tour of the local attractions. The key is to be interesting, engaging and encourage your guests to share their video stories online as well.

On Facebook, photos are liked 2X more than text updates.

Not every story needs to be told by video. Photos can also do the trick. When drafting a text post, always ask yourself how could you turn that post into a visual or if there is a way to include one that would complement it.

Consider this one of many great examples by the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach. They could have simply posted text saying “Join us for brunch served daily from 6am -10am” and left it at that, but instead they chose to post a real image of the omelet breakfast. This sparks interest in the viewers mind and builds a desire for experience – not to mention also gets your mouth watering!

Photo and video posts on Pinterest are referring more traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Linkedin and Google+.

47 per cent of U.S online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.₂ It’s not surprising that it is referring more traffic than other social networks. All hoteliers should be taking advantage of this by creating a business account to tap into the huge – and growing – audience of consumers on Pinterest.

Again this is a great chance to be creative! Don’t just pin generic photos of your hotel – incorporate area attractions, photos from hotel events, special promotions – things that will visually tell your hotel’s story. Things that people will actually want to share!

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort has created a very unique and alluring Pinterest account. They have some great boards showcasing their hotel property along with ones targeted to spark interest in their viewers such as Words to Live by, Recipes, and Wedding Ideas.

It’s undeniable (and the facts I just discussed are a testament to that), as this inforgrahphic by MBooth and Simply Measured says “a brand’s story is best framed online with photos and videos.” How do you plan to visually tell your hotel’s story in 2013?


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