Visual Merchandising Hero Awards of 2012

2012 has been an exciting year for hotel marketers full of growing trends and innovations. Between the rise of mobile and multi-screen world to the ever popular use of social media in online shopping, our customers have had a lot on their plates this year. Although all of our customers are hotel marketing superstars, a few in particular have really excelled. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Mobile Mastery

Winner: Craig Perch, Director of Revenue, The Georgian Terrace Hotel

Craig knows the importance of optimizing the hotel shopping experience for mobile users. He ensures his website visitors can explore the hotel’s rich visual story, easily book rooms, map and contact the hotel directly and take advantage of exclusive offers via their smartphone or tablet.

Craig truly believes that “Mobile is a must – definitely worth investing in!”

Read Craig’s story here.


Storytelling Superstar

Winner: Michael Von Teichman, General Manager and Owner, The Walper

The Walper Hotel has a truly unique story and history of being home to many famous figures in the past including countless Prime Ministers, Eleanor Roosevelt, Al Capone and even Lady Gaga. Michael shares, “The Walper Hotel is an interesting older building with lots of character and rich history. The only way to convey that is by letting people feel and experience the hotel by showing them rich visuals – allowing them to be there without actually being there”

He successfully showcases their history of art within the hotel and promotes their fundraiser to build a brighter and better future for children in Africa, as well as naming certain rooms and areas after elite guests – all through visual media.

Read Michael’s story here.


Outstanding Online Marketing

Winner: Lori Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing and Brand Management, High Peaks Resort

Lori has done an amazing job of sharing a consistent story across online platforms whether it be through social media, OTAs or the hotel’s website. Lori believes, “Being able to tell our story through highly engaging visual content is valuable because helps us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and create an emotional connection with our guests.”

She uses rich media such as photos, virtual tours and videos to share the hotel’s story and the experience it entails. With almost 3,000 Facebook fans, 2,400 Twitter followers, great guest reviews across the board and an appealing hotel website, Lori is achieving great success.

Read Lori’s story here.


Social Media Stardom

Winner: Bud St. Pierre, Director of Sales and Marketing, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

With over 20,000 likes on the hotel’s Facebook page, Bud has learned nothing is more powerful to connect with consumers than visuals that tell the hotel’s story. He does this so well that travelers are constantly commenting and liking the page content as well as sharing their own personal experiences. Bud explains, “We’re focused on incorporating people into our media to really help travel shoppers picture themselves as part of that story. Once you tell the story and get people talking about their experiences, the rest takes care of itself.”

Their page goes beyond just the hotel, they suggest wedding ideas, great food and drink recipes and even cheer on their local sports teams – each post is always accompanied with a rich image to compliment the idea. This visual sharing and interaction is extended across other social platforms including Twitter and Pinterest, which both have excellent fan bases of interested and engaged users.

Read Bud’s story here.


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