Volumium Turns up the Volume on Visuals

Volunium – a newly launched hotel search engine – has one goal in mind; making travel shopping easier. Scientific Search, Simple Travel is the motto behind this site, designed to save travelers time by completing the research process for them and showing the results in an uncluttered, easy-to-navigate way.

What’s so great about Volunium?

Nearly half of online travel shoppers end up leaving websites frustrated and confused[i]. With this in mind, Volunium focused their design on simplicity – so that travel shoppers are able to find what their looking for easily and effortlessly.

Volunium searches their database of over 80,000 hotel properties using a scientific search method to analyze and narrow down the results to quickly give shoppers the best hotel options. They source images from VFM Leonardo’s database of over 1,000,000 images for 100,000 hotels worldwide and display the VPowered Multi-Media Player for VBrochure customers. This partnership allows Volunium and VFM Leonardo to work together to provide travel shoppers with richer and more visually engaging search results online.

How do consumers find and learn more about hotels on Volunium?

Travel shoppers start their journey on the Volunium home page where they are provided with a search box and are prompted to type in a location, airport or address, along with their check in and out dates. It’s easy to navigate and understand, targeting users who prefer a simpler model – no online advertising, clutter or sponsored links.

Let’s say this particular shopper is planning a trip to Boston, MA. They simply type the city into the search box (as seen above) and click search. Volunium provides users with 12 results, sorted into three different price categories: ‘Go Vouge’, ‘Live Luxe’ and ‘Nifty Thrifty’. Displayed in a visually intriguing way, the large thumbnail photos engage consumers immediately.

The large thumbnail photo of the Marlow A Kimpton Hotel catches their eye immediately. Curious to see more, they can click on the photo to be immediately immersed in more eye catching visuals and more information about the amenities of the hotel (displayed in a simple, easy to navigate format).

For more photos of the hotel, users can look to the “Multimedia Tour” link on the right side of the page. By clicking the link, it launches the VPowered Multi-Media Player for VBrochure customers (in this case, for the Marlowe Hotel). This experience lets the shopper focus solely on the story that the hotel is telling through visuals – such as photos, videos and 360° tours.

The ‘Accommodations’ tab impresses viewers by highlighting the spacious suites and stylish décor while the ‘Business Traveler’ tab targets those looking to plan a business trip to this hotel with relevant information for them. This particular hotel also offers a ‘Weddings’ tab full of media and information that showcases the hotel’s elegant reception area (and gives brides-to-be the chance to start envisioning her big day at the property)!  VBrochure gives viewers an in depth look into the hotel’s story and shows them what an “experience” at the hotel would really be like. 

See how the Marlow A Kimpton Hotel is merchandising their hotel on Volunium

This visual experience provides users with a richer story of the hotel and helps shoppers better understand why they would want to book at this hotel. Visual content – like what you saw for Marlowe – A Kimpton Hotel – engages shoppers and influences buying behavior.

Don’t miss out on Volunium!

Volumium and VBrochure give you the opportunity to provide travelers with a great visually driven experience of your hotel. This experience tells travel shoppers your hotel’s unique story, highlights all the features that make a guest’s stay successful, and allows them to ‘experience’ it as if they’re already there – giving them more confidence to book! Learn more about VBrochure and get started today!




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