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Webinar Recap: 4 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how to best utilize your marketing budget for next year.

In 2017, many of the same challenges will still exist for hotel marketers – how to drive more revenue, influence travel shoppers online, adapt to changing consumer needs, and better compete with the OTAs. To succeed in these areas, hotels will need to be smarter and more creative than ever.

In our recent webinar, “4 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2017” we looked at 4 critical areas hoteliers should be focused on next year:

  1. Nailing the fundamentals
  2. Mobile
  3. Search
  4. Social media

Well-respected digital marketing strategist, Tim Peter, joined us from Tim Peter & Associates.

Some of the Topics We Discussed Included:

  • The competition was fierce for hotels this year
  • TripAdvisor extended its Instant Booking functionality to 9 more countries, and Google launched several new products to further cement its place in the travel business (e.g. Google Wallet, Google Trips)
  • Competing with OTAs will require you to be more bullish on the fundamentals in 2017
  • Loyalty programs aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Consumers subscribe to so many of them. Hotels need to find a different way of servicing their guests’ needs
  • Content is King and Context is Queen
  • If you are a branded hotel, think about what content you can provide at a property-level to travelers that the brand is not
  • Mobile is not a trend – it’s a way of life. In the past year, conversion rates on mobile travel sites grew by 88%
  • Google is switching to a mobile-first index, and in January will start penalizing sites that have intrusive pop-ups on their mobile sites. NOW is the time to get on board with mobile
  • Paid advertising is losing its impact. Hotels need to be investing in smarter things like programmatic advertising, and a long-term SEO strategy
  • Social media has its place in your strategy, but is more top of funnel. Alter you expectations of what it can do

Catch up on all our trends and insights by watching the recording on-demand.

Watch our on demand webinar on 4 hotel marketing trends for 2017

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