Webinar Wrap-Up: Get More Value From Facebook, Twitter And Vine

When I decided to feature social marketing on this month’s webinar, I knew it was going to be a big draw – but I didn’t know how big!

Our audience had a lot of very thoughtful and insightful questions, which were primarily focused on choosing the right social network for your business, how to create compelling content on social and of course, how to drive ROI.

Couldn’t attend? You don’t want to miss the great advice Del Ross, Managing Director, Noctober Value Partners, LLC and Rachel Feit, Digital Marketing Manager of Dream Hotels shared with us so watch the highlights version of the event right here.

As with every webinar, I started off by taking a poll: what’s your biggest social media marketing challenge? The audience weighed in:

  • Learning new ways to drive revenue from social channels – 48%
  • How to improve engagement with hotel guests on social channels – 42%
  • Not sure how to determine which social channels to focus on – 7%
  • Re-purposing existing content to social media platforms – 3%

Overwhelmingly, our audience wanted to know how to drive ROI which is why we were flooded with questions when Rachel spoke about how she uses customized tracking links and codes to monitor bookings from social media.

As Del also noted, the best way to start driving revenue from social is to make sure that you earn it – you need to engage, gain loyalty and then once you’ve built the relationship, you can start “selling”. Whether that means having an integrated Facebook booking engine which is what Vizlly Facebook Apps can do for you, or by following Dream Hotel’s lead, offering your social media followers discounts on room stays.

Interestingly enough, when Rachel talked about how the properties monitor social media 24/7, our audience chimed in and agreed – it’s great to see so many properties embracing the digital marketplace and using social media as a significant tool to engage with travel shoppers.

Watch this five-minute highlights video to learn more and then head on over to the full recording here to catch the slides and learn even more.

What’s your biggest social media marketing challenge?

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