Webinar Wrap-Up: Get Smart about Visual Storytelling – Drive Bookings with Intelligent Content

Visuals are the new verbal. A single image can tell a story that resonates with us on a deeply personal level. That’s why accommodation providers who approach content marketing from a more visual, personal perspective are leading the way to more profitable bookings on their hotel websites.

During our recent webinar, Get Smart About Visual Storytelling: Drive Bookings with Intelligent Content, we took the content marketing conversation to the next level with special guests Felix Laboy, CEO of WayBlazer and Christopher Regalado, CEO and Founder of RevMar Digital. Together, we explored how you can use more personalized, intelligent visual content to improve the performance of your online marketing.

In polling our audience members at the start of the webinar, it was clear that the majority of you weren’t sure how to get started with personalizing your content. The good news is, there’s a lot of exciting things happening within the hotel industry to address this need.

Felix Laboy shared his insights on artificial intelligence in the travel industry, including key steps for personalizing the travel shopping journey using intelligent content. Christopher Regalado then told us about the importance of integrating rich media and user-generated content on social media, along with how to create personalized offers for your target guests.

We also discussed:

    • What a smart visual storytelling strategy looks like for hotels, and the results it drives
    • How artificial intelligence can help accommodation providers better reach travel shoppers
    • Using psychographic data to further personalize content for your target guests
    • Building your hotel story with great copywriting for SEO and great visuals for shoppers

If you couldn’t attend the webinar, catch up with the recording and slides here.

Get Smart about Visual Storytelling: Drive Bookings with Intelligent Content
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