Webinar Wrap-Up: SEO Basics for Your Hotel Website

SEO is a complicated and often misunderstood topic which is why it was really no surprise that we received so many questions during our live webinar last week.

The event featured Marco Braggio, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Braggio Cook Interactive and Alicia Whalen, Digital Marketing Expert and Co-Founder of, who both gave a fantastic overview of SEO essentials for every hotel website, including how to get started and how to track ROI.

If you couldn’t attend, catch the highlights from the event in this five-minute video:

Here are some of the top questions we were asked (for a more in-depth understanding of the answers, you can watch the recording here).

Answer: Alicia shared a case study of a recent property she worked on and saw a 132% increase in transactions, month over month, as a result of improved SEO and over 700 new searches just from one important keyword. Find out which “magic” keyword they optimized by viewing the slides here.

What’s the best way to research keywords?

Answer: Try using Google’s Keyword Planner (you do need a Google account, which is free to set up) or Bing’s Keyword Research Tool to determine the popularity of keywords you want to include to maximize your SEO for your own website.

Marco also made a great point in guiding us to buy some paid advertising campaigns to test the popularity of certain keywords and apply those results to create content on your website. This is a simple way to determine which keywords will contribute most to rising organic (free) traffic to your hotel’s website.

Does a responsive site for mobile get the same results in the new Google mobile rankings or will you need to code and program a new website?

Answer: Here’s what Marco had to say about this question:

“Yes, a responsive site can get the proper Google mobile-friendly designation. It all depends on how the design elements are stacked and coded that will determine mobile friendliness. It does not have to be coded and programmed from scratch just like some content management theme templates are out-of-the-box responsive. You can use Google’s mobile testing tool to verify.

Remember, this tool is a page specific check and not a site-wide compliance verification.”

How can you track SEO results from social media?

Answer: One great way to track SEO on social media is, as Alicia said, to monitor where your site traffic is coming from. Google Analytics provides insights into which social media sites are referring visitors to your hotel’s website. Use this tool to understand if your current social media SEO tactics are working and then monitor the activity on an ongoing basis. Adjust as necessary.

If you couldn’t attend this popular event, make sure to take a look at the recording and slides. Plus, save your spot for our webinar next month with TripAdvisor’s Brian Payea who will be revealing how to use guest reviews effectively in your marketing strategy.


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