Webinar Wrap-Up: What Hotel Marketers Can Learn From Successful Online Retailers

The travel shopping journey is not much different than that of a consumer shopping for a new pair of shoes online.  In fact, it is almost identical. So what can hoteliers learn from successful online retailers? Plenty.

To explore this idea in depth, I hosted a digital marketing webinar last week called Engage at Every Stage: What Hotel Marketers Can Learn from Successful Online Retailers. It was a huge success!

One of the reasons for that is because of our amazing speakers and the lessons they shared with us. It was truly a pleasure to be joined by Richard E. Last, Professor of Digital Retailing at the University of North Texas and Adele Gutman, VP of Sales and Marketing for the Library Hotel Collection.

Watch the recorded webinar.

Richard shared insights about visual merchandising from a digital retailing perspective and current shopping trends. One trend in particular that I believe hoteliers should take seriously (and take advantage of) is that ‘Shoppers that watch videos are 174% more likely to purchase than non-viewers.’

In addition, Richard encourages hotels to first, understand who the ‘agile consumer’ is and how they shop; and second, ensure their marketing strategies position them to reach and engage the agile consumer throughout their journey. Success includes five key factors that you can discover, watch the recorded webinar here.

Piggybacking off of Richard’s interesting and informative overview of consumer behavior and keys to success, Adele shared her experience and offered ten helpful examples of how hotels can start on their journeys toward visual merchandising success.

It’s all about visuals because ‘Nothing inspires desire like beautiful, emotionally evocative images.’ Adele suggests:

  • Apply “the more the better rule” when it comes to the number of images you show
  • Get guests involved through social media and online reviews
  • Style your photo shoots for maximum impact down to the details

For the other seven tips from Adele, watch the recorded webinar here.

If you have any questions or comments about the webinar free feel to post them here or tweet them using the #vfmlwebinar.

The slides are available for download on slideshare.

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