What mobile marketing mistakes should hotels avoid making?

Expert: Frederic Gonzalo, eTourism Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Gonzo Marketing

Because more and more people are looking for information on hotels, destinations and attractions on mobile, you need to have a mobile optimized site – could be through responsive web design or through a mobile application. A mistake that some hotels make is they actually hide the brand; it’s a different experience on the mobile or the tablet versus what you have on the tradition website. And another mistake we tend to see is that the experience is not all mobile, it’s not self-contained so you start on the mobile world then you make the reservation for the restaurant or the spa, you end up going outside of the mobile site into a smaller experience website that’s not as good. And then there’s a lack of coordination sometimes between the apps and the websites, those are things to look out for when you look at your mobile experience for a hotel or destination.

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