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From online marketing tips to the best way to make the most of your hotel’s story, this week, we published lots of great tips to help hoteliers attract more travelers, increase bookings, and improve their digital marketing strategy.

Take a look at the most popular articles of the week:

1. Amplify Your Hotel’s Location, No Matter Where You Are

Think your hotel needs to be located in Disneyworld to have a story? Not true. Take a look at these four tips to make the most of your hotel’s location – and entice travel shoppers.

2. The Most Important Factor to Attract More Travel Shoppers

This guest blog by Claire Harrington shows what travel shoppers really want to see online, and what you can do to grab their attention.

3. Multi-Media Guidelines for Hotel Marketers

This best practice guide contains the industry standards for photos, virtual tours, and videos all in one place.

4. Attracting Millennial Travelers with Your Hotel’s Visual Story 

Millennials are a booming demographic and they’re obsessed with digital technology and sharing those experiences with their friends. Take a look at these five best practices to attract more millennial travelers.

5. The Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Today’s digital marketers often wear many hats but there is something all digital marketers should be doing. Find out here.

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