What’s The Next Biggest Trend in Hotel Marketing?

Give your audience a message they can relate to. In this latest episode of VTV, Daniel E. Craig, founder of Reknown, talks reality marketing and using real people and their experiences to convey your hotel’s story.

Travel shoppers want an authentic brand story. Cliché headlines and textbook marketing is not what makes your property stand out. The right combination of storytelling and personalized content engages your guests, improves your reputation, and makes your hotel’s experience memorable.

If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what he recommends:

“I think in 2015 one of the big trends is going to be reality marketing, gone are the days of fairy tale descriptions and fantasy photos. Travelers really want the real story and that’s why review sites are so popular. Hotels really want to focus on managing the guest experience with precision. That involves ensuring sales and marketing communications set realistic expectations while at the same time ensuring that operations staff are trained, empowered and recognized for delivering on and exceeding those expectations. If you get that going, then guests are going to do the marketing for you.”

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