Why Should Hotel Marketers Include Video in Their Digital Marketing Strategy?

Colin Osing, Vice President of Marketing for SoMedia Networks, explains in why video should be embraced and used by hotel marketers.

If you’d like to read the transcript instead, here’s what he explained:

“Video is proven to drive search results, increase engagement rates and improve conversion rates. I would recommend going to Google and typing in “video and conversion” or “video and engagement” and you’ll see a slew of stats, studies and reports to support this position.

Videos are also very trackable now. Through video analytics, marketers have, and will be able to get, a really good grasp on their return on investment. Videos can be tracked wherever they’re embedded – all over the internet! Click-through rates can be tracked through video players and the amount of leads generated or captured by video players can be tracked.

So, video’s no longer this stand-alone, regular piece of content. It’s interactive, it’s trackable and return on investment can easily be proven.”

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