Why Your Online Video Could be Failing

If you have launched online video for your hotel, I can imagine that you likely spent plenty of time and maybe money producing a motion picture that covers just about any and every thing anyone would ever want to know about your hotel.

Why? Because “video is a magic bullet that will catapult your search rankings to the top page.” Not so much.

iMediaConnection’s Jerry Spelic does a great job of explaining “Why your online videos are failing.” Although he refers to online retailers in the article, his observations apply to any business involved in e-business… particularly hotels.

And, as he points out effective merchandising involves more than video. Video is passive, shopping is active. This means active hotel shoppers will not be satisfied with passive content alone. They want and demand more than just a video to help them make hotel decisions.

Statistics from a major electronics retailer show that using interactive merchandising content, such as demos that include 360-degree image rotations, features and benefits, image galleries, close-up image zoom, and video, is far more effective at engaging shoppers and increasing sales than video alone or any of these items in isolation for that matter.

“One of the inhibitors to shopping online is you can’t touch the products, so the more detail consumers can see, the more likely they are to make purchases online” (Internet Retailer, 2005). To provide the level of detail consumers need, hoteliers must provide rich interactive content.

To prove this point, Spelic cites a study that showed the average time consumers interacted with product demos that included the elements listed above was two minutes and 50 seconds, with a 200 percent sales conversion rise for the retailer and over 50 percent sales conversion rise for participating consumer brands.

This doesn’t mean you don’t need video. It just means that video alone isn’t effective merchandising and alone it won’t give you the results you’re hoping for. But he also has some sage advice for when you do produce videos that is consistent with our view at VFM Leonardo… keep them short and keep them single (if not razor) focused.

A study by Visible Measure found that 20 percent of online-video viewers click away from a video in the first 10 seconds or less. By 30 seconds, up to 33 percent of viewers have clicked away and at one minute 44 percent have left completely.
Don’t let your videos fail. Keep them short and combine them with interactive and informative content so consumers can truly experience the detail that will get them to choose your hotel over another.

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