You Know You’re a Modern Hotel Marketer When…

You know you’re a modern hotel marketer when…

1) You’ve spent more time working in hotels than staying as a guest






2) You haven’t had a holiday off since high school







3) Friends and family fear you during budget season











4) Your favorite websites according to Google are OTA’s









5) You are bored by any conversations that don’t mention visual storytelling or ROI









6) You expect to have a continental breakfast every morning






7) You attend more webinars than you do parties









8) You use social media more than your teenage daughter







9) When hotel shopping for yourself, you critique the properties websites and images






10) You’re not sure if you need to invite all your hotelier “friends” to your birthday









11) When you calm an irate customer, you legitimately feel as though you’ve saved the world











12) You spend more time at the front desk than you do in your own house
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