Your Facebook Cheat Sheet is Here: How to Attract Travelers and Drive Bookings on Facebook

Hotel marketers know Facebook is a powerful tool to reach millions of travel shoppers. In fact, 52% of travelers use social media for vacation inspiration and perhaps even more shocking, half of travelers said they were influenced by Facebook to change their original travel plans.

With over 1.3 billion users on Facebook, it’s never been more important to use this channel to reach and engage with potential, present and future guests online. Don’t know where to start?


Download our Cheat Sheet for Hotel Marketers to learn:

  • The essentials of a hotel Facebook page (including what to put in each section)
  • Tips to stand out, reach travelers and drive bookings from Facebook
  • Examples of hotels who are doing it well

Check out our Cheat Sheet to start making the most of this social network and engage with travellers who are using this network for vacation inspiration, research and booking!

Cheat Sheet for Hotel Marketers

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