Customer Stories

Posadas Extends Media Distribution Partnership with Leonardo

Posadas, Mexico’s largest hotel operator, boasts a portfolio of over 180 properties across their brands: Live Aqua, Grand Fiesta Americana, Curamoria Collection, Fiesta Americana, The Explorean, Fiesta Inn, Gamma and one hotels. As a Leonardo partner for the past 10 years, they have relied on our solutions to increase online revenue.

We’re excited to announce that they have recently extended their partnership and signed a multi-year agreement, a reflection of the value Leonardo’s technology solutions bring to their portfolio. They currently use Leonardo’s content management and distribution solution, which feeds their gated Media Library, third party travel channels as well as custom galleries on their websites.

Given their extensive experience in the hospitality sector, Posadas understands that now, more than ever, is the time to look to the future and invest in solutions that automate manual tasks and ensures their brand integrity online.

Posadas has centralized control of their digital media by leveraging our software solutions,” explains Sarah Clanfield, Head of Customer Experience at Leonardo. “We’re integrated with third-party travel channels, their website, and a media library for internal and external vendors. These integrations help Posadas present a unified brand image online so that travel shoppers feel confident making a reservation no matter the channel.

By sending all property media into one secure, enhanced interface, they have complete control over what media is used where. Using Leonardo’s distribution engine, they feed both third-party and direct channels brand-approved media.

We have seen consistent enhancements to the technology throughout the 10 years we’ve worked with Leonardo. In these tumultuous times, investing in reliable partners with proven results just makes sense,” says Rodrigo González, Marketing Director of Posadas. “I’m excited to continue working with Leonardo for the upcoming years.”