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Industry Insights

How AI-powered chatbots can increase direct bookings and guest engagement   

AI-powered chatbots are transforming how hotels engage with their guests. Putting a chatbot on your website gives you another avenue to engage with both guests and potential guests. When implemented correctly, these virtual concierges are not just a trend; they are a game-changer that can answer questions, convert potential guests, and greet loyal customers.

If you’re unconvinced, we’ve rounded up 5 reasons to use an AI-powered chatbot on your hotel website.

1. Instantaneous Customer Interaction:

Picture this scenario: a travel shopper visits your hotel’s website with some questions. They’re most likely standard questions about room specifics, amenity availabilities, or special offers. Instead of navigating through various pages to get a specific answer or waiting for a customer service representative, an AI-powered chatbot is there to provide instant responses. This immediate interaction satisfies the shopper’s curiosity and sets a positive tone for their entire experience with your brand.

The savvy travel shopper is typically visiting many websites before they make a booking. If they can quickly ask a chatbot questions – for example, “Does your hotel have meeting space for 20 people?’ or, “Do you do group rate discounts?” – they’re more likely to move on to the next step and book!

2. 24/7 Availability in More Languages

Unlike human staff members who need breaks and sleep, AI-powered chatbots are available 24/7. They can also be programmed to answer in more languages than your staff speaks, or your entire website is translated into. If you’re a smaller property, you may not have the resources to man a round-the-clock help desk or translate the entire site. On the other hand, a chatbot is available no matter the time of day, in many languages.

This 24-hour accessibility ensures that potential guests, regardless of their time zone, can get answers to their questions no matter when, what, or how they want to ask.

3. Personalized Recommendations:

AI-powered chatbots can do more than just answer generic questions. They analyze user data and provide personalized recommendations. By understanding a guest’s preferences, these chatbots can suggest room upgrades, local attractions, or exclusive offers tailored to the individual’s interests or predicted interests.

This level of personalization creates a more engaging and memorable experience for the guest. For example, a guest may ask about the availability of a family suite. An AI chatbot will use this information later in the conversation to prompt family-friendly add-ons and local attractions.

4. Conversion Optimization:

The primary goal of any hotel website is to convert visitors into paying guests. AI-powered chatbots play a crucial role by guiding potential guests through the booking process. They can address concerns and provide reassurance. Integrating your hotel website’s chatbot with your booking engine allows you to provide real-time availability and pricing within the chatbot itself.

Chatbots are a helpful tool to increase your website’s conversion rate, turning website visitors into loyal patrons. They guide visitors to book directly by providing key information in a conversational manner.

5. Loyalty

For returning guests, the AI-powered chatbot can be a key tool to funnel visitors exactly where they want to go. They recognize and greet loyal customers, adding a personal touch to the user experience. This reinforces the sense of loyalty and starts the interaction on a positive and welcoming foot.

If you have a loyalty program, integrate that technology right into your chatbot. This allows users to get their loyalty plan information straight from the chatbot, rather than navigating the pages of your website. Your chatbot is a digital concierge, taking some of the heavy lifting off your staff.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Instant interaction, 24/7 availability, personalized recommendations, and conversion optimization all contribute to creating a more efficient and guest-centric online presence for hotels. Adding an AI-powered chatbot to your hotel website is a strategic move that truly transforms the guest experience by embracing technology.

Hotels that leverage the power of AI stand out in a crowded marketplace. There are many AI chatbots out there, but only a hotel-specific digital concierge integrates to your booking engine and loyalty programs to provide instant quotes and personalized interactions. Leonardo’s AI Booking Agenthelps make sure you never miss a booking.

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