Corporate Travel eBook: Reach and Convert More Business Travelers

Download your Corporate Traveler Strategy Guide to get current statistics and strategies to reach and attract the modern business traveler.

The corporate travel market segment is uniquely shaped by forces outside of the travel industry. Corporate bookings are driven by the standard question of rates and availability, but they also are shaped by individual business’ travel procedures and expensing requirements.

Corporate requirements take corporate travelers to different booking channels than the average traveler. Looking your best for a corporate travel is about diversifying what you show off at your property and where you’re displaying it. That means thinking outside the box: corporate booking sites, branded websites, and landing pages on relevant websites. Wherever you appear online, high quality media is key to conversion.

All of these factors combined make this a market segment that hotels need to keep their eye on.

Download your Business Traveler Strategy Guide


In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How corporate travelers find hotels and where they book
  • Who the modern business traveler is
  • What drive business travel hotel booking decisions
  • Strategies generate more revenue from corporate travelers