Media Library Fact Sheet: How We Simplify Work & Improve Brand Integrity

Media Library is a secure gallery of all of your brand media (images, videos, and virtual tours) as well as any additional content (PDFs and documents) your external and internal users need. It is a white-label solution that uses your branding on a streamlined interface. With Media Library, sharing media and tracking its usage is easier and more secure.  

Retain complete control over your media by handling all media requests via a password-protected galleryLet’s break down the key ways Media Library helps hotel brands.  

  • Improve brand integrity
    Make sure your hotels are represented by only the highest quality, most accurate media, without having to increase workloads.
  • USB Keys, Dropbox, and Email transfers should be a thing of the past 
    Transferring media via USB key or email is a surefire way to end up with old or out of date media the next time someone needs a photo, use Media Library to avoid errors 
  • Simple set up
    With your media already loaded to Content Manager customer, launching Media Library is as simple as adding your logo, primary image and color scheme. Then it’s just a matter of following your Account Manager’s guidance to promote it internally and externally.
  • Powered by Content Manager to reduce work
    Media Library is fed directly from Content Manager, which reduces the number of media storage points you need. Upload all media into Content Manager, with the option to send media to our network of travel channels as well as Media Library, or exclusively to Media Library (e.g., menus, head shots, documentation).   
  • Advanced user permissions to maintain security
    Always know who has access to your media with password protection and secure user management. Use reports to see who downloaded which individual media file.  
  • Control access with flexible user types
    Set two user types: admin and readers depending on your needs. Give reader accounts access to all or specific properties to tighten access to high quality media downloads. 
  • Inform marketing strategy via reports 
    See which media is being downloaded the most, as well as which property’s media is performing (i.e., being used for promotion) the best. 
  • Simplify media sharing with custom collections
    Associate media to properties or curate collections so that your internal teams and external vendors can easily find the right images. Create a dedicated folder of logos, staff head shots, or a curated collection of F&B content, or media for a specific campaign.  
  • Centralize control and decentralize access 
    Control and monitor who is using your media, while allowing a wide range of users both inside and outside your brand access to Media Library 

An Overview: What Media Library is “for” and who should access it  

Use Content Manager for the curation and distribution of your media to third-party channels, and Media Library to provide access to your media to internal and external teams like:  

  • Your sales and marketing teams 
  • External vendors 
  • Press requests  
  • Anyone looking to use or print media of your properties 

Contact us to learn more about how Media Library improves workflows and increase brand integrity.