Product Updates

We Are One of the First Companies to Connect to Booking .com’s New Photo API

When told us earlier this year that they were launching a Photo API, we made it our mission to be one of the first companies to write to it. Mission accomplished.

Here we are today, proud to say that we are one of the first companies to connect to’s new Photo API.

This deeper integration with means our hotel chain customers can expect:

  • Photo updates live on the site in 15 minutes or less
  • Improved content scores due to automated distribution
  • Push content to property and room type galleries

This new Photo API is designed exclusively for ingesting photos. We can now deliver hotel photos to for all of our hotel chain partners more quickly and easily than ever before.

This is the second channel API update we’ve completed this year. In June, we announced our successful connection to the new Expedia API and we’ll continue to work closely with our channel partners to be early adopters of new APIs.

Start delivering your photos to via the new API. Contact us today.