Why Everyone Should Be On Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Team

The digital marketing landscape seems to shift and expand every day. You need to send out emails, update your blog, conjure up local marketing initiatives, respond to reviews, post on social media – and this doesn’t even include the basics of managing your website (including mobile), SEO and OTA listings.

But there’s one thing that can help you with just about every digital marketing task on your plate: Content.

Think about it. If someone said, “here’s the content for your next email,” or “here’s something to publish on your blog,” or “here’s a video to post on social media,” your life as a hotel marketer would be that much easier. Instead of worrying about what to publish, you’d only have to think about when and where to publish.

Knowing what to publish is half the battle when it comes to updating social media and other channels

But where do you find, and how do you generate, the massive amounts of content needed to fuel your hotel’s digital marketing strategy? Especially when there’s a limited number of people (you alone?!) on your team to develop and/or curate content? The good news is, they’re right in front of you.

Include Everyone in Your Digital Marketing Content Development Team

Everyone who works at your hotel, every guest who stays with you, and every person who delivers supplies literally everyone – is a potential source of content that can help with your hotel’s digital marketing strategy. Here are a couple of examples of how “everyone” can be on your content development team:


Your guests are probably the single largest generator of marketing content for your hotel. You very likely already use content created by them, such as ratings and reviews, to help market your hotel. But they are also posting holiday photos, videos and updates on social media at an incredible rate, and they do so without asking for anything in return. This user-generated content is a gold mine for your hotel to leverage on your website, social media pages and in emails/newsletters. Ask for their permission to republish this content on your own channels.

custom hashtags for a hotel digital marketing strategy

A delighted guest thanks the 57 Hotel for a warm welcome on Instagram


Who better to consult for content ideas than your front-desk staff, concierge, or event manager? These staff members converse with guests every day and know the type of questions they ask, as well as the local area. Ask for their ideas on what to post on social media, your blog, and your website that will appeal to travel shoppers.

Your staff add a human element to your hotel, so why not even feature them in your hotel digital marketing efforts?

content by concierge for hotel digital marketing strategy

Liloo Alim, Chief Concierge at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, shares her travel tips on the Four Seasons website

Of course, good content ideas don’t just come from those in customer-facing roles. Other employees in your hotel can help too. Consider this customer testimonial from a guest on a Disney cruise, which highlights how even your kitchen staff can be content creators.

“I’ll never forget one time on a Disney cruise when my cousin said he wanted nothing for dessert, and they brought out a plate with the word nothing written in chocolate sauce. It was cute, clever, and nice because he didn’t have to sit there with no plate in front of him while everyone else ate, and it put a smile on all our faces.” – Hotel Service Stories

Content can come from anywhere, even the kitchen staff on a Disney Cruise

Seeking out content from every possible source does take effort and organization. But it’s well worth it if it improves your online marketing strategy. With the right blend of content that’s relevant, unique and engaging to travel shoppers, you’ll start to see better engagement on social media, more website traffic, higher search rankings, and maybe even more bookings as well!