Introducing Live CMS: A digital marketing platform built to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Live CMS is a flexible content management system that improves your team’s workflow with a centralized approach to managing direct channels. Whether you’re building a multi-property or an individual hotel website, Live CMS has a host of hospitality-centric features and functionality to manage all your marketing needs. We empower hotel brands to tell their story and stand out from the crowd.

Live CMS is a headless content management system, with the ability to connect your content to all the places you need it to appear, creating memorable and consistent digital experiences. Gather and manage content, including marketing assets, media files, property data and marketing text in one place. Then send that content out to your website, CRM, payment systems, loyalty programs, and more.  

Live CMS is more than a website, it’s a content management system that powers your direct booking technology. Here’s how it works: 

  • Hospitality-specific technology
    A basic website builder won’t cut it for hotel brands. You need something built for hoteliers’ specific digital marketing needs, that connects with your internal and external systems
  • Customizable templates or go bespoke
    Customize our templates to match your brand identity or go bespoke with unique designs built specifically for your brand. Easily launch new pages, create new offers, and update your website  
  • Truly scalable website management 
    From independent hotels, small brands, to global chains, Live CMS scales to your needs and resources 
  • Conversion-driven guest experiences 
    From website design to technical integration, convert more travel shoppers to confirmed guests with a seamless shopping process that subtly pushes them to convert 
  • Simple management and onboarding 
    Reduce ongoing maintenance time and expenses with an intuitive system that’s easy to learn and adopt across your organization   
  • On-demand professional services 
    We provide search engine optimization, copywriting, and PPC services as required to help get your website launched or to keep it up-to-date  

See real results and create a powerful web presence with Live CMS 

Learn more about Live CMS here, or contact us for a custom demo and see how Live CMS can take your web presence to the next level. Schedule a demo