How we solve manual errors and create better, more reliable content feeds for travel channels

Our technology makes it easier for travel channels to receive higher quality hotel media. Using a simple interface with robust, hospitality-specific features, hotels upload content for distribution to hundreds of travel channels.

One hotel chain customer, OYO Hotels & Homes, reported a 20% increase in OTA rankings after onboarding their properties. For those OTAs, that increased ranking means OYO, and the thousands of hotels we work with, are delivering better content more consistently and driving more revenue for OTAs. While channels receive media content from a variety of sources, by using a dedicated Leonardo media feed they’re always displaying brand-approved, Leonardo-optimized media.

Today, we’re lifting the curtain and revealing a bit behind the scenes of how we help hotels automate content distribution for better display.

First and foremost: our technology is built to prevent the typical manual errors that happen when someone is uploading content. One of the most common mistakes? Duplicate photos. It looks unprofessional when a hotel listings shows the same photo more than once. For travel channels duplicate content adds unnecessary content and reduces customer trust.

How we solve mistakes made by manual errors

If a Leonardo customer accidentally uploads two identical photos, travel channel partners will never know. Every image that a property uploads is automatically processed and optimized for display, which includes a sync and comparison against other content. Duplicates are flagged and not sent to a travel channel partner.

On the hotel side, hotels can verify flagged duplicates to ensure there are no mistakes. And for travel channels, this process means our media feeds are the absolute source of truth.

Channels receive rates and content from many sources. By implementing a dedicated media feed from Leonardo, channels ensure that the media they display is always accurate and free from small mistakes that come from manual uploads and file management.

Media uploaded to our distribution feed is:

  • Encoded with hotel-provided categorization, copyright data, and room type
  • Unique with no duplicates
  • Validated and resized to 13+ sizes for distribution, from thumbnails to the original image itself
  • Assigned a time stamp so channels only ingest new content

We make it easy for channels to ingest content based on their specific needs. From API connections to automated ingestion feeds, we work with channels to set up the best delivery method possible. For a custom demo of our media distribution process for chains or channels, contact us today.