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How Leonardo’s Support Team Goes Above and Beyond

One of the pillars of Leonardo’s success is our focus on proactive, meaningful customer experience. The hotels, hotel brands, and travel channels that work with us each receive a dedicated Account Manager whose job is to align client needs with our technology roadmap. Backing them up is our Technical Support Team, who work alongside the Account Managers and developers to solve challenges and resolve issues when they arise.

Our customer support makes us more than just a distribution software company. They lead proactive, ongoing conversations about customers’ content needs today and tomorrow. These conversations shape our solutions including the next generation of our platform.

Here are some examples of the way our Support team helps clients:

  • Looking at your internal systems to find ways we can improve how you manage content
  • Specialized training customized to your brand’s needs and team
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins

From our partners at SHR: “[We have the] utmost gratitude and admiration for the Leonardo Support Team, particularly for their exceptional service, attentiveness, and excellent turnaround time. Moreover, their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond have been greatly appreciated.”

Better internal and external communication

Our support team helps our customers, and our company as a whole, in two key ways.

First: we do everything we can to avoid bouncing a problem around. When customers reach out the support team member that responds is the one shepherding the issue to a resolution, whether that involves reaching out to a third party, involving a developer from our team, or getting more information from the customer.

Second: we think outside the box when it comes to content management and distribution. Whether it’s when resolving routine tickets or during regularly scheduled check-in calls, we never have a one-size-fits-all solution for every customer. We take the approach of figuring out the specific issue at hand, while also coming up with creative ways to streamline content distribution for the future.

How we partner with clients to improve content management

When thinking outside the box to resolve issues, we try to help clients not just with a specific problem today, but to avoid problems in the future.

From our partners at IHG: “Every interaction I have experienced with the Leonardo support team has proven how professional and helpful the team really are, how willing and pro-active they are in really driving for a resolution to any issue with a friendly, ‘can-do’ approach. Their assistance and support have always been very much appreciated and valued by IHG.”

To contact our Customer team, email To upgrade content management for your hotel or hotel brand, get in touch with us for a full demo.