Content Verification Fact Sheet: Boost consumer trust, content accuracy, and third-party revenue

Content Verification is a proactive service and solution that audits direct and indirect listings for accuracy, pulls that data into a visual dashboard, and facilitates updates on your behalf. It’s a scalable solution that helps individual properties, management companies, and hotel brands take control of their brand.

Consumer confidence is more important than ever before. Ensuring your brand and third-party listings are up to date and optimized has never been so easy. Our Content Verification is a combination of state-of-the-art distribution technology as well as account management services. Here’s how it works:

  • Audit the information that matters most
    We focus on the areas that will most directly impact appearance in travel searches and in turn revenue: hotel name, address and contact details. But it goes beyond that: we audit amenity lists, policy details, and so on. A consistent, accurate online presence improves consumer trust and conversion.
  • Deep integration with travel channels
    We leverage long-established brand relationships to integrate with travel channels and pull information from their system to display in the dashboard. We make updating every channel, even opaque and not actively managed travel services, easier for hotels.
  • At-a-glance data from our dashboard
    We take a lot of data points and display them in a dashboard that aggregates the most essential information: content accuracy, accuracy by channel, accuracy over time, and more, so you can make strategic decisions faster and with better insight.
  • Solve problems from rebranding and turnover
    Turnover and change are a fact of life in the hospitality industry. Centralizing data for third-party listings to us means that changes at your hotel are quickly sent out to travel channels without needing to track down who has access to what accounts and increasing likelihood of user error.
  • Customized dashboard based on your needs
    Every brand is different. We work with you to create an instance with brand or property-level access, as well as content-specific filters to make monitoring by region, channel, or specific characteristic easy. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but something tailored to you.
  • Ongoing maintenance and service
    Content accuracy is not a onetime problem! We have flexible services that allow you to take advantage of ongoing, proactive monitoring long after your initial onboarding period.

Using content automation solutions & services together

Content verification is part of our suite of products that automate content distribution and management across all channels. Simplify the management of your third-party listings with hospitality-specific software that works together. Contact us to learn more.