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We’re moving: Leonardo is changing our web address to better align with how we help the travel industry

Like many companies, the last year has allowed us to refocus our goals and our mission. At the core of this, and at core of what we do, is helping the global hospitality industry improve the quality and reach of their marketing efforts. Over the last year, we’ve expanded the ways that we help supply and demand partners simplify content management, distribution, and ingestion all with the end focus of increasing revenue potential.

With that global and strategic focus in mind, we’re excited to share that we are changing our web presence from to

Why the switch?

We’re changing web presences and domain names to be more in line with our future vision for the company and the travel industry as a whole. We are committed to innovating, forging partnerships and creating products that make us the global leader in content management and distribution for hospitality providers.

What’s more, there’s a strategic reason behind the switch. Throughout the last twenty years, we’ve made Leonardo a well-regarded brand in the hotel industry, but we’re also not the only Leonardo out there. If you’ve ever called us or met us at a conference, you’ve probably heard us say “Yes, like da Vinci!”

Leonardo Worldwide is our full brand name, legal name, and part of our history. This switch will make it clear who we are, who you’re contacting, and who is helping you.

What does this mean?

We’ve always been Leonardo Worldwide, and now our web presence reflects that shift. In terms of how this impacts you as a customer, vendor, or someone looking for more information, update your contact information by adding worldwide to the end of our email address or web address when looking us up.

For more information, get in touch with our team to learn how we’re expanding our reach in 2021.