How to Prepare Your Hotel for New Photography

So, you’ve booked a photographer to come capture your hotel. Now what?

After Booking Your Photographer

Use our infographic to write up a detailed shot list to brief your photographer on your hotel. Make sure your photographer is familiar with your property, its unique selling features, and the target markets who will be looking at your photos. Provide your photographer with a full outline of your brand’s requirements.

One Week Before Your Photoshoot

Make sure your staff knows about the photoshoot and the full schedule. If possible, arrange a scouting trip so your photographer can nail down the order of events. Visit the rooms and spaces you’ve chosen to be photographed at the time your photographer will be there to ensure there is sufficient lighting. Make sure that you will have the rooms available to be photographed.

One DayBefore Your Photoshoot

Prepare for your photoshoot following the infographic below. Make sure someone on staff is assigned to assist throughout the day. Put up signage and have staff ready to help guests to ensure a smooth guest experience.