Customer Story: Leonardo Hotels Halved Time and Doubled Distribution of Their High-Converting Images

We share more than a name: like us, Leonardo Hotels knows the value of images to the travel shopping experience. Leonardo Hotels is a division of the Fattal Group and one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Europe and Israel with more than 200 three and four-star hotels spanning over 100 destinations.

Each hotel is designed and styled to reflect its local surroundings. Whether they’re in the city center, close to an airport or strategic locations, Leonardo Hotels’ properties stand out. One of the ways Leonardo Hotels also ensures their hotels stand out online is by delivering high quality images to third-party channels.

Manual image management comes with a cost

Liran Berger, Content Operations Manager at Leonardo Hotels, is tasked with maintaining the accuracy of Leonardo Hotels’ online presence. He ensures that the information on the hotels’ listings on all direct and third-party channels is both accurate and up-to-date.

For hotels, e-commerce management includes the careful balance of meeting third-party requirements (textual information, static content, and dynamic content like rates), and connecting between property management tools and internal content management.

To update one hotel’s content, whether it’s new photos of the whole hotel or just of one area, Liran would need to access 19 extranets to manage Leonardo Hotels’ listings. On top of this, he would have to email channels that did not have extranets to update information.

When Leonardo Hotels became a Leonardo customer in 2018 their top priority was to update their outdated hotel images on GDSs. After trying another vendor, they decided they needed a solution that could distribute content as well as provide the technical capability to accurately associate room types with images and guarantee distribution of their entire image gallery to each channel.

Our solutions checked all of these boxes for them—and since they became a Leonardo customer, they’ve gained back valuable time they had been spending managing hotel photos through extranets and emails.

Time spent on image management cut by 50%

Leonardo’s solutions have dramatically reduced the amount of time he spends on manual tasks, without sacrificing quality.

Instead of overseeing tedious manual image management, I now have more time to focus on larger, strategic projects that contribute to Leonardo Hotels’ accelerated growth,” says Liran.

With the time he’s saved, he has been able to focus on projects including overhauling their website and developing the digital presence for new hotels.

Leading the way with impressive content scores

Leonardo Hotels’ account managers at major OTAs have commented that Leonardo Hotels has one of the best overall chain content scores. The quality and consistency of their images are a significant factors in their content scores.

Liran offers the following advice to other hotel chains striving to improve their content scores:

  • Use a trusted partner and follow their advice
  • Follow up with channels and spot check to look for new features or changes that might impact content performance
  • Create internal procedures for sourcing content from hotels in the desired formats and timeframes

Broader distribution, half the tasks

Like most hotel chains, Leonardo Hotels relies on revenue from the many third-party channels they have relationships with. However, in today’s increasingly diversified booking landscape, their hotels are also listed on sites that they don’t currently have direct relationships with.

These channels pull rates and availability from GDSs or other third party-channels, which makes it challenging for a hotel chain to track and manage every single listing online. Our technology helps hotel chains like Leonardo to deliver images to these channels seamlessly. Leonardo Hotels now has high quality images on more channels than ever before, including ones they don’t manage themselves, with no additional work or time spent on their end.

Customer support that makes a difference

One of the key benefits for Liran at Leonardo Hotels is the reliability of our Account and Support team. “With Leonardo [Worldwide], you’ve got experience, the right people and the right tool to distribute images properly,” he says.

Following the guidelines provided by his Account Director, Vanesha Ramsamy, and his Implementation team, the transition from manual to automated image management was smooth and seamless. Vanesha continues to share recommendations that come directly from the major third-party channels that Leonardo partners with. Keeping up to date with channel requirements is easier than ever.

With Leonardo’s modular content management solution, hotel chains can decrease the amount of time spent on managing their media online while reaching more channels. Through our partnership, Leonardo Hotels distributes content more efficiently while freeing up time for strategic projects.

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