Channel Spotlight: SAP Concur

Concur is one of the largest players in the arena of corporate travel and on any given day, SAP Concur processes almost two hundred thousand trips from business travelers around the globe.[1] It is one of the world’s leading providers of corporate travel management, which makes Concur one of the most powerful channels to use when targeting corporate travelers.

Concur is a gated booking channel, which means that the travelers booking on it are employees of companies who have purchased Concur’s SaaS solutions. 46 million business travelers from 38,000+ businesses are mandated to book on this channel, which makes it an integral channel for hotels. With so many businesses making Concur the only option for corporate travel bookings, hotels need to look their best on Concur.

How does Leonardo work with SAP Concur?

Leonardo has been providing Concur with image feeds from the largest database of hotels visual content in the world for over ten years. Our direct partnership with Concur means that we provide:

  • A feed of brand-approved images from hotels around the globe
  • Near real-time updates
  • Algorithmic property matching to ensure accurate and consistent display
  • Photo galleries that create immersive visual experience for business travelers

Concur Listing with Leonardo Gallery
Hotel listings on 
Concur are enhanced with photo galleries powered by Leonardo.

How does Leonardo display images on Concur?

Hotel chains that partner with Leonardo can be confident that business travelers on Concur always experience the most up-to-date, high-quality hotel images in their hotels’ photo galleries.

Individual hotels that wish to customize their Concur gallery can do so as part of Leonardo’s property-level marketing solution. This allows individual properties to optimize their gallery on a range of channels, including Concur, to better target business travelers. The digital brochure has enhanced navigation, video and text captions, customized to corporate travelers.

Hotel Property on Concur with Enhanced Image GalleryA Digital Brochure targeting business travelers increases bookings and revenue.

Concur is an essential distribution channel to target corporate travelers. Showcasing high quality imagery to corporate travelers also increases revenue potential from “bleisure” travelers as well as from your ancillary services.

As reported by Concur, the trend of combining leisure trips with business travel continues to grow. 16% of business bookings on Concur included a Saturday night[2], according to a 2017 study. Seeing high-quality, up-to-date photos of your hotel properties on Concur will increase your hotels’ conversion rate of these important travelers.

Corporate travel bookings are an important opportunity to drive revenue from your hotel’s ancillary services. Leonardo’s image feeds allow you to showcase your food and beverage services as well as event spaces. Compelling images are the starting point to turn a few nights’ stay into a buyout for a catered corporate event.

Speak with Leonardo about how to get your hotel photos in front of 46 million business travelers on Concur.