Ten Blog Content Ideas for Hotels During COVID-19

Your hotel blog is normally all about amazing reasons to visit your area and stay at your hotel. We know that hotels may be struggling with figuring out what to post as they figure out their COVID-19 marketing strategy.

Here are ten blog ideas to add to your content calendar. If you don’t have a blog – or don’t have the time to write a whole post, turn them into a social media post instead.


  1. Share at-home recipes to cook from your kitchen
    Leverage your staff’s expertise. Have your food and beverage team share recipes to make at home. Show off comforting favorites that highlight a regional specialty, like the Drake Hotel’s mother’s day butter tart recipe. Or, have your bartenders share a cocktail recipe to make at home.
  2. Share some music
    Create a musical experience that will remind guests of your local area or a stay at your hotel. You can showcase local artists from your unique area or that have a connection to your hotel. Put together a playlist on Spotify or Youtube that makes the music available to anyone.
  3. Highlight work-from-hotel options

    If your hotel has rolled out “work from hotel” accommodations, or if your business center is open for use, create content around this topic. Show off the specific amenities that make working from your hotel a practical decision. Berlin’s Hotel Michelberger has added a landing page with rates and photos about their “home” office option.
  4. Post local, feel-good stories
    Everyone’s looking for something to feel good about! Put some local news stories together into a blog post. This has the added benefit of emphasizing the unique character and dynamic of your hotel’s area.
  5. Interview locals relevant to your hotel brand
    Chat with your locals about what they’re doing to get through these trying times. Showing a little personality is always a good thing! 21c Museum Hotels are sharing check-ins with local artists from each of their hotels location, with advice and community information.
  6. Compile a photo round up of user generated content
    Curate a series of throwback photos taken at your hotel and tagged on social media. Ask for permission first! If possible, ask those past guests about what they enjoyed most about staying at your hotel, to add some text content to the post as a quick testimonial.
  7. Relaxation tips from your spa or wellness services
    If you have an on-site spa, share ways guests can relax at home. Post content related to the types of services you offer, whether that’s fitness or broader advice on feeling more at peace with your current, homebound surroundings. For example, Scribner’s Lodge is hosting yoga and astrology readings.
  8. Detail charity efforts
    Put the spotlight on local charity efforts, including places people can donate or causes that are currently in need. If your hotel is supporting those efforts, show what you’re doing as part of your community.
  9. Bring your area to them 
    If the majority of your audience are fly-in travelers, unfamiliar to your area, create unique content that truly showcases the area around you and gets people excited to visit you. Focus on being educational rather than purely promotional! Six Senses has created a Junior Marine Biology series that shows off the stunning waters around their resorts.
  10. Provide unique DIY activities
    Give your blog’s audience something to do on their own time. Create, or share existing, coloring pages that depict the area around your hotel. Or put together some crafty resources for parents looking to teach children about a new place.

Posting consistently is important for a number of reasons: first of all, it helps SEO and boosts organic traffic. Secondly, by consistently seeing your content in their feeds, it keeps your hotel top of mind for loyal guests.

If you were regularly sharing content – on a blog or social media – prior to the COVID-19 crisis, you must keep it up. Don’t let your feeds go silent! Continue creating and posting relevant content to remind guests about your unique offerings.

We understand that it can be difficult to know what to share these days. For content ideas for every channel, download our COVID-19 ebook. Marketing on every channel is essential to a strong recovery. We’re here to show you how.

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