4 ways travel channels can benefit from room media feeds 

Travel channels know the importance of high-quality hotel photos. But sourcing and accurately matching media to hotels and their room types is an industry-wide struggle. Our MediaConnect solution helps channels solve media sourcing problems. Those solutions are developed out of ongoing conversations with travel channels around the world. One of the pain points we hear across the board is sourcing and matching room photos to room codes and room rates.  

Channels receive media alongside rates from other sources, but they need a dedicated feed to solve this problem and improve consistency. A dedicated feed is proven to increase conversion, improve the booking experience, boost up-sell opportunities, and save time via automation. 

Increase conversions 

Travel channels are often dealing with multiple rate sources. By working with us, channels always display accurate, fresh, and high-quality room photos matched to relevant room type codes. Our media and room code data comes directly from hotel brands themselves.  

After implementing room type media feeds, one travel channel reported that conversion increased by 60% across our mutual chain partners. Increase conversions by showing travelers exactly what room they’re booking.  

Improve the booking experience 

Another component of increasing conversion is improving the user experience for potential shoppers. With properly matched room media, you can seamlessly display room photos throughout the booking experience. 

Show a specific room type in a hotel listing alongside your rate. With our room media feeds, you can carry that information through the booking process so that a customer knows exactly what they’re booking from that first look right through to checkout.   

Boost up-sell opportunities  

Similar to conversions: the only way to convince a customer to book a more expensive room is to show them why the rate is worth the higher cost. A list of amenities is never enough, and having the same room photos across different room types will confuse customers.  

Hotel brands using Leonardo’s Content Manager receive our best practices guide along with regular advice from a dedicated Account Manager. We make sure that hotel brands know that four photos per room type (including 1 bathroom photo) is the minimum, so that travel channels have a variety of photos to share with customers. What’s more, chains set a ‘feature’ room photo, so they can guarantee their “Ocean View” room is always displayed alongside a photo that showcases that view.  

Automate with accuracy 

We help hotel brands save time by automating their media distribution needs. On the channel side, this means we significantly improve accuracy for our thousands of shared hotel partners. We are the distributor of record for those hotels, which means we always deliver the best content availableprovided by the brands and hotels themselves 

What’s more, our media feeds are built to always indicate what has changed, so you’re only pulling changed or refreshed media. We’ve built our room media feeds with automation and speed in mind, so that channels can better present room listings with less effort.   

How Leonardo’s room code feeds work 

Setting up a dedicated room media feed reduces errors and improves display, which in turn has all the benefits we’ve listed so far. In many ways, our media feeds are simple. A hotel brand uploads their media, and they provide their internal, brand room codes, and then they use our intuitive interface to match media to the right codes. Then we share that information to travel channels via MediaConnect.

As the direct link between chains and channels, we’re the sole source of truth on both sides. No intermediaries, just a direct, ongoing connection. Let us give you a live demo that shows how we will help your travel channel improve room listings and revenue opportunities.