Leonardo + Getaroom partnering to connect rates and room-type media on leading OTA channels

One of the biggest challenges facing travel channels is data harmonization. That’s a fancy way to say that travel channels need to sync the information they have about a hotel’s room availability with all of the ways that hotel’s room information is distributed online.

One hotel’s room codes can be distributed under multiple names online, despite referring to the same physical room at the hotel. That room code then needs to be matched to the right rate and then to the right media to sell at the highest value for the hotel and travel channel. This matching process gets complicated fast.

Getaroom is working on proprietary room type mapping solutions. To assist in the process of acquiring the highest quality of media content, Getaroom has decided to partner with Leonardo. Getaroom was founded to offer the best hotels at the best rates, which means they are experts at matching and selling room rates and types. For room media, they have turned to the experts at Leonardo. We are providing Getaroom with a Room Type Specific feed, a media feed of room images matched to the internal room codes loaded directly into Leonardo Content Manager by the brands themselves.

Using Leonardo Content Manager as the “source of truth,” brands provide Leonardo with the most up to date, high quality content for distribution to our travel channel partners like Getaroom. We receive media and room codes directly from brands themselves, for use in OTA booking engines and hotel listings.

This mapping also allows travel channels like Getaroom to provide higher value to their onward distribution partners. Having room photos alongside rates inside the booking engine and as part of the purchasing experience (rather than general pictures of the hotel) is proven to convert higher, faster and more reliably, delivering more value to their distribution partners and alleviating stress for the hotels themselves.

We are excited to get up and running with Leonardo’s room type media feeds,” says Jessie Mickle, SVP, Partner and Supplier Relations at Getaroom. “The ability to match our rates to media that can be reliably and accurately matched to a room code helps us provide more value to our distribution and hotel partners—it’s a win-win all around.”

“Room photos are absolutely essential to generating more revenue. In the last year, we have increased both the number of properties in our system, along with the number of room types provided by properties across the board. And, with our new interface, we’ve made it easier for chains to provide and manage room types,” explains David Sgroi, Director, Enterprise Sales at Leonardo. “This partnership with Getaroom is great news for our hotel partners. They are a leading rate provider to 100+ channels globally—by using our room media feeds they are giving our hotel partners improved reach and conversion during these challenging times.”