This year in Leonardo news: the State of Distribution

We’re wrapping up a year of news and resources here at Leonardo, by sharing the top articles we published in 2020. In a year where every hospitality company was making difficult decisions and finding new ways to drive revenue, distribution has become more important than ever.  

The theme across everything we heard this year, from internal discussions to conversations with long-standing partners and potential new ones, was the need to do more with less. To make strategic decisions that allow hotel brands to leverage everything at their disposal in order to drive bookingsAutomating workflows and distribution helps hospitality companies do just that. 

Here are 4 articles about how to improve distribution for 2021 and beyond.  

Optimize Your 2021 Budget in the Age of Furloughs 

Strong post-recession recovery is built by making the careful choices during the down swing, and not just slashing costs. In the age of furloughs, this means having your teams use technology to make up for lost resources, while improving ROI with that technology. Read the article for more. 

Why encoding room data to images is essential to media distribution and hotel revenue potential 

Showing room pictures alongside a rate can increase revenue by up to 60%. Every chain and channel should want to capture that potential, so the next step is consistently and reliably tying room codes to media for accurate display in the booking process. Read how Leonardo encodes and distributes room data.  

How Automation Saves Hotels Time and Money 

In 2021, every industry should be focused on automating more work. A lot of the business of travel still needs that human touch, but there are still ways for hotels to tighten corners (rather than cut them) with automation. Read how content automation improves third-party revenue.  

Dispelling Myths Around Static Content 

We spotlighted one of the elements of content distribution that is often overlooked and misunderstood. A small change in static content is the difference between winning and losing a booking. Read about why you should rethink static content.  

Improving how you distribute content should improve your content itself 

As content management and distribution experts, this year has shown us the importance of hotel’s content. After all, your media is your best sales strategy. To learn more how we’re making distribution easier to manage and improve upon in 2021, let’s chat!