This year in Leonardo news: hotel marketing in unprecedented times  

It’s no surprise that the majority of our most read content this year was about COVID-19 recovery strategies for hotels. Every property and brand needs guidance on what to do to get ahead, and Leonardo providethose resources throughout the year.  

We focused on a variety of different arenas, with an emphasis on direct booking and strategies for website updates and content. With so much out of hotel’s control, you should be making the most out of your website and online presence, with whatever resources are available to you.  

Here are the top 10 articles we published about COVID-19 recovery strategies for hotels:  

General Marketing Strategies  

What we can learn from the past to start recovering from COVID-19’s impact on the hotel industry today 

The very first article we published back in March still resonates today. We turned to lessons from the past to learn how hotels recovered from previous downturns and unexpected disasters. Learn some lessons from the past. 

Marketing for the early recovery stages: top of funnel marketing for hotels 

One strategy to get ahead is to focus on travelers who are early in their travel planning phase – creating offers and strategies that target travel dreams rather than travel plans. Read about top of funnel marketing. 

Local marketing for hotels’ COVID-19 recovery 

Local travel is the strongest travel sector at the moment, so we put together a guide on targeting local or travelers within driving distance to convince them to book with you on their driving getaway. Read how to market for local travel.  

Invest in new photography: marketing strategies for COVID-19 

Looking for one strategy that makes a big impact? Now is a great time to invest in new photography for your properties, and to make sure those photos are distributed properly across channels. Why you should invest in photography now.  

Hotel Marketing on Travel Channels During COVID-19: Content Strategies for a Strong Recovery 

Every hotel is taking a different strategy to how they’re marketing on travel channels these days. The most important thing is to be consistent. Our guide includes what to avoid doing and what to do instead. Read about marketing on travel channels.  

Direct booking and website strategies  

Keep the conversation going during COVID-19: a communications strategy to stay in touch with guests 

Open and transparent communication is essential to continued guest loyalty. We laid out a communications plan for guests and internal teams. Learn how and why to keep communication channels open.  

3 ways vanity websites help hotels recover faster from COVID-19’s tourism impact 

Not sure where to focus your efforts? Your website is always a safe bet. If you aren’t sure, we listed 3 reasons why you should dedicate resources to keeping your website fresh and relevant as part of your hotels’ COVID-19 recovery strategy. Read all three reasons why.  

Ten Blog Content Ideas for Hotels During COVID-19 

Now that you know how important it is to keep your website up to date as part of your COVID-19 recovery strategy, you may need content ideas. Not sure what to post? We’ve got you covered! Here are ten different content ideas to publish to your hotel blog.  

Hotel Social Media Strategies during COVID-19 

Website and blog up to date? Don’t forget about social media! Social media has taken on a new level of importance, as it’s one of the first places potential guests may check to for the most recent news and information about a business. Use social media to power your hotel’s recovery plan.  

Digital Marketing for Hotels During COVID-19: Off-Page Content and Paid Marketing 

Off-page content is an essential component to any marketing strategy—it’s all the places on the internet that link back to your direct booking channel. If you’re looking for guidance on this key marketing channel, read more here. 

Your partnerships are your best recovery strategy 

Our recovery advice comes from extensive research – and from conversations with the hotel properties, hotel brands, and travel channels we’ve worked with directly throughout this year. We’ve helped our partners make the most out of their existing marketing channels with the resources that are available to them right now.  

We help hotels stand out across direct and indirect channels, with conversion-driven websites and improved presence on travel channels. Learn how we’ve helped hotels prioritize direct channels, communicate with guests, and target specific segments. Get a consultation today.