Why encoding room data to images is essential to media distribution and hotel revenue potential

In an industry facing an uphill battle to recover from COVID-19, both hotel brands and travel channels must look for any advantage over their competition. As a technology provider to both brands and channels, we have unique access into key differentiators that help both sides increase revenue and conversion.

One of those differentiators: having room images that are accurately associated with a hotel chain’s internal room codes. Our travel channel partners studied the results of using room data to show accurate room photos in the booking process. Their studies show that displaying a higher quantity of accurate photos of each room type’s increases conversion… drastically! In some cases in the tune of 60% more.

Research shows, time and time again, that travelers want to see accurate and unique photos of the rooms that they are booking. When travel channels present the differences between rooms, travelers will be more inclined to book (increasing conversion speed) and more include to upgrade (increasing up- sell opportunities).

Room images displayed on

So, if this benefits both chains and channels, why isn’t everyone jumping on board? Hotel brands need to consistently and reliably associate their high converting room photos to room codes. Then that information needs to be sent and displayed on travel channels, still accurately associated to the right room type. That’s where we step in.

Using our 20 years of expertise, Leonardo provides our brand and channel partners with a distribution solution that makes the booking experience simple and more profitable for all. We know that media distribution needs to be in line with all of the research showing the impact of room images on booking.

Let’s break down how Leonardo’s technology distributes that key information to help brand and channels easily connect the dots and increase revenue for all.

How room codes help hotel brands

Categorization is an essential component of media distribution. The technology to read what an image depicts with no additional information is not there yet. Providing categorization is how travel channels currently optimize your listing. Categorization is essential for personalization, as well as simply creating a clear booking experience.

Properly encoding and identifying room data on media allows key travel channels to easily match and showcase room photos alongside room rates. Our solution, Content Manager makes it easy for brands to set and associate room types and room information with a couple clicks of the mouse. Once set, the solution standardizes that content and provides for optimal display via an automated feed to our travel channel partners.

Leonardo room type feeds are currently distributed to some of the globes biggest travel channels, including Book on Google, DHISCO, Expedia, Travelport, and Ctrip. Our brand partners are distributing room codes with a significant reduction in manual effort.

Demand for hotel’s room codes has increased throughout the COVID-19 crisis in the travel industry, as channels are trying to include more relevant content to their offering in order to attract more shoppers.

How room codes help travel channels

Travel channels that integrate a room type feed into their content strategy have reported increased conversions as well as higher revenue per booking. We have the best room feed in the industry, representing some of the largest brands in the world, including Marriott, IHG, and more. We help travel channels and brands sell more room nights by accurately associating room images with the exact room they are selling, using brand-designated room codes.

Travel channels using this feed have reported a 60% increase in conversion from properties with room codes. With proper image to room matching, up-sells opportunities increase. Gallery images for a property are essential, but room feeds allow travel channels to truly use media to increase revenue by integrating room images further into the booking process.

How we distribute room codes

In order to help chains transmit this information to channels, we’ve made room code management even easier in our new Content Manager platform. Hotel brands can enter room codes at the brand or property level, and then easily assign media to multiple rooms. It is simple and intuitive to filter and assess room image associations, so nothing is missed.

What’s more, our solution allows brands to set a featured image. We are committed to helping hotel brands retain control, while creating the best possible image feeds for our travel channel partners.

For more information about how room types improve conversion and revenue, let’s start talking today.